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Hey guys, my name is Fawxsy/Yunelle. I have a story to tell you all:

As a select few of you know, this year I have been at the doctors a lot and have been very sick. Since Sakura-con last year I started losing my voice and it hurt to sing or talk too much. Going into Fanime it got worse and worse my voice was always hoarse, I had lost my energy found it harder to breathe as the days passed. I started to really realize that something bigger than just a couple bad colds and a sore throat was going on. What I didn't know was that a had two giant lumps in my throat that was my Thyroid and that it had become a goiter, this monstrous lump under my skin, weighing down on my windpipe and straining my vocal chords. Finding out during Fanime that I was, for sure, going to have surgery was the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. I had a six needle biopsy to check if this lump was cancerous. The test came back negative, all was well. It wasn't til after my surgery and at the end of my three day hospital stay that the doctors told me what no one wants to hear. The six needle biopsy was wrong and they had found cancer. The next week I spent unable to function, spending 90% of my days battling exhaustion so I could open my eyes and eat food and exist. I then attended Kumoricon, made some mistakes and ended up in the E.R. I didn't know what to do with myself after that point....Aki-con was fast approaching...Would I mess up again? Would I just get sick again? What if I inconvenience my roomies? I ended up attending and had two of my cosplay life goals met, I'm so glad I went.(See Aki-con Re-cap! 2013)

Now that Aki-con came and went I'm faced with the biggest challenge of my life. Battling cancer that has spread to my blood stream, and trying to continuously crank out costumes that are better and better and higher quality for you guys.

My reason for telling you all this? So that you guys will know I know what its like to struggle and to tell you all I'm here for all of you. Each and every watcher, you aren't ever alone. I want you guys to go and chase your dreams. Don't ever give up! Everyone in the world struggles. It may be with math, one of your cosplays, your home life...whatever it is. I'm a mentor and support system first and a cosplayer second. I want to be here for you lovelies.


I can't tell you guys how much I've missed out on because I wasn't confident or felt like I wouldn't be good enough. Go out there grab life by the horns, don't make the mistake that I have. Let me be your support system. I'm always here and always willing to listen.
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If you are here you probably met me at a con or have seen and liked my costumes on the internet! Feel free to message me, I am a very friendly soul. I am also an amateur photographer, so if you want decent free photoshoots in and out of con please let me know!

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